Friday, February 20, 2009

Internet 'angels' in the authors/small publishers world of books.

Today I had my book Awakening Love (Stonehedge Publishing Ebook version) showcased at by author Ernie Johnson.
There is a picture of the book cover and another of the author, plus a good snappy synopsis and one of the places to buy.
The synopsis reveals why the locket on the cover picture is highly relevant.
Visit to find out more about this remarkable Ernie Johnson with his vast range of activities.

Not only that, but When Angels Lie (AG Press) is featured on Carol, Author 101, is another remarkable author. She has showcased a great assortment of books by lesser known authors which are available on Amazon. It is worth taking a look. if you are an author in need of a good bit of publicity how about joining us?

Here is the synopsis for Awakening Love:
A tale of love, lust and passionate desire, authentically set in late 1940’s class-conscious Britain. Innocent, naive teenager, June Armstrong is determined to rise above her working class roots and succeed as a top dress designer. Her sexuality is dramatically awakened by war hero, and socially advantaged, Major Arthur Rogers (retired), twenty years her senior. The relationship, sealed by a gift of a locket containing a diamond for an engagement ring, is to be kept secret until June is eighteen. Various events, involving his family, job prospects and unforeseen factors to do with affairs of the heart, prove to be a challenge to their relationship.
Arthur’s ‘ladies man’ brother, Charles, is also in love with June but ruins his chances when he sexually assaults her. June becomes the catalyst for his remarkable redemption. She finds herself falling in love with the “new Charlie” when Arthur is abroad on business. Out of love for his brother and June, Charles withdraws from the blossoming relationship and returns to the Royal Navy.
But first Charles helps June gain employment as a trainee designer. Her boss and mentor — dynamic, sexy entrepreneur, Robert Watson — realises June’s potential and sweeps her along on a tidal wave of ambition. He has plans for a totally new business and she is to be his lynch pin. June is mesmerised by both Watson’s charisma and his renowned erotic sexuality (which she inadvertently witnesses in the stock room).
Robert Watson’s ability to draw out June’s creative genius eventually creates a bond, dangerous but thrilling, which he ruthlessly exploits — to the full!

Awakening Love is twice award winner!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Change is as good as a rest!

Feel better for a bit of a change. Back to the computer. Being a compulsive communicator I guess I am addicted to writing and would find it just too difficult to stop! Apart from which, it is a challenge and as much as I might squeal and moan there is no help for it — I have to complete everything I begin and see each 'baby' born and succoured.
Finding solutions to accomplish tasks that are beyond my power has been difficult. I know I will never achieve complete mastery over necessary computer skills needed for promoting my image and books. I think I may have found a solution. No, not stretched out on a sofa while I dictate — Barbara Carland style — no money for that! Neither could I find me a hunk of a guy ready to exchange favours, interesting though that may be, and good research for future novels. Come to think of it, a hunky guy just might have a fetish for wrinkly writers after feasting on gorgeous females. But, no! After 56 years of marriage I can't see myself as a toy-boy cuddler. So I have found me a solution that I will report on IF it works!
Yesterday we had a drive up to the Coniston-Windermere area. Not bad weather for February. The cloud s came over but the weather is warmer.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When the joy has gone, time to stop?

It is a long while since I felt so depressed. Odd how so many writers have bouts of depression. Or maybe not — so many factors that cause states of both elation and depression.
I tried getting away from writing last week. I designed and made two nightdresses. One might ask how I managed to see what I was doing! My eyes need a strong contrast to see properly and one can hardly sew with a contrast thread! But I steered by the edge and tried to run straight. It was not easy to do a bit of unpicking but there are ways and means. What a delight to get two successful results within a few days. (Other jobs had to be done too) That bucked me up a bit. I am wondering now if I can manage a bit of art work. Colour might be a problem though but then that was so with certain famous artists.
I started painting in oils 45 years ago. It was after I had had a life-changing spiritual experience. After oils came pen and ink drawings, then pen and ink tinted with pencil crayons, followed by water colours. At least results were pretty quick, the outlay modest, and appreciation abundant. Practical too. Most of the pictures hang on our walls. (Although the 'Nude On A Beach' is large - big enough to go over a mantelpiece - it hangs in an upstairs bedroom. We do not wish to embarrass guests!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow? What snow?

Snow in Britain has taken over the news BUT here in the NW - Low Furness, South Cumbria, we have lovely sun and no snow!

But other things are happening to bring a little sunshine into my life. My new anthology is selling very well at the local bookshop, and the new printed version of Awakening Love (called Desire) is developing very nicely. The Awakening Love Ebook looks like coming in the first ten of the Preditors and Editors Poll, to add to the Honourable Mention the printed version received in 2007. The cover has been entered in the Covey Cover awards. It remains to be seen what happens next.