Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paying the Piper

The woodland path — many of the best things in life are still free to enjoy.
Like many people of our generation who were taught to live within their means, we have never overreached ourselves when buying anything. Such leads to contentment and lack of stress. In our day, not for nothing did Building Societies only loan what a single person could afford to pay back. The rapid rise in house prices followed by repossessions has been the ultimate price of careless lending.
The present situation was bound to happen. It is sad for those who will lose their jobs and homes, and how infuriating that the bankers and financiers who brought the situation about get even more millions in unearned bonuses. Would we pay a bonus to a shoddy builder if a new roof fell in?
And yet, all is NOT doom and gloom unless WE allow it to be so. It is our own attitude to present circumstances that determine whether we look for, and grasp, unforeseen opportunities to work things out for the better. This we owe to ourselves and to all who will have to pay for the country’s growing debt.
It was redundancy years ago that brought us to our present location. Very many job applications all over the country came to nought until one was offered in what most people seemed to think was beyond civilisation! (But to me, a paradise!) Things were tough for various reasons I will not go into, But, we all thrived and the family did far better than we could possibly have envisaged. Yes, money was in short supply but not for the first time. I knew how to create tasty dishes on a low budget and I could sew. We never did go in for foreign holidays so nothing missing there. We were blessed with a utility type caravan and that ensured us reaching beautiful places in Scotland each year with visits to Wales and the West Country occasionally. When things improved, we continued to live within our means — only too aware that times could not always be financially good. The country has had several lean times since then but people never seem to learn — buy now, pay later with interest!
The piper always has to be paid.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sun and Rain

January is not a good month for cheer. Cold, dark and wet — sometimes snow and ice. But this year has not been too bad for us in South Cumbria (UK). I took these photos earlier this week: my 'jewels' (bright little plants - I have no jewellery!) in our front porch, and a scene from an upstairs window.
As for cheer? Well my Still Waters Run Deep is selling quite well at the local shop. Amazon UK have a page for it on line but the USA Amazon declare it to be Unavailable and out of print! Now where have they got that from? I have informed them otherwise but I expect they can't be bothered with small publishers abroad. A book selling at £5.99 is small beer to them anyway. It bothers me not. I am content to take it as it comes - no more hassle and frantic efforts to sell books or get known as an author. What will be, will be. Let's face it, not all hopes and desires can be fulfilled. Better to be realistic. I am greatly blessed to have a few 'fans' who look forward to reading each new book. Few or thousands? What does it matter? Writing is a gift to share. To be able to share it is great whatever the numbers.
So sometimes a ray of sun, sometimes a cold shower, some days a hard frost - but warmth comes to bring out the beauty that is often obscured from view by the coldness of our own heart, that is, if we allow it to happen. Life is for living NOT for regrets of what might be, or might have been.