Monday, February 6, 2012

A Lovely Day For a Funeral

A Lovely Day For a Funeral — a funeral for a lovely lady!

It is little more than a week ago that I was visiting this lady in hospital. And now I shall be attending her funeral. Will it be a bright celebration of a life well lived? I hope so, because although she will be greatly missed and many will be grieving, not least her adoring husband and family, this is a lady whose long life never grew dim — until her strength was fully exhausted.
The sun is shining brightly today. Snow is forecast for tomorrow, but we live each moment as it comes. I hope all present will sing out in joyful tones and the address reflect the pleasure my friend gave to so many people.
Funerals should be celebrations, too many are doleful reminders of ‘mortal toil’ and our ‘sinful state’. Yes, maybe they are good occasions to be reminded that life is short and to make the most of what is left to us and to use that time wisely, but every new morning is a precious gift not to be wasted. Life is NOW, yesterday has gone, tomorrow is unknown.

A Day Later…
A Celebration of the life of ‘ever young’ Margaret Faith Cottis (31st March — 25th January 2012).
AMAZING! The funeral could not have been arranged better, and a lot of people turned up at the Crem, and afterwards, to remember and celebrate a life well lived.
Entry — Bach, Air on the G String.
Words of Welcome and Introduction.
Thoughts of family members read by themselves or by the Pastor conducting the funeral — highly emotional, spilling out of love, thankfulness and grief, so right for the occasion.
Time of silent reflection.
Music for exit — Gary Lombardo, Enjoy Yourself…

The curtains were left open so that we could view the coffin with the beautiful landscape picture painted on the side, a view not unlike where Faith and her husband used to sit together to look out over Morecambe bay. How fitting!

The reception room was filled with relatives and friends — including many bikers (Faith and her hubby were both avid bikers and campers) and pub quiz ‘mates’ well known to many. Lots of chatter and lots of eating, ending in a pub quiz! It was almost as if Faith was there putting down all the answers, for it is certain her general knowledge was incredible, even as she entered her eighties.

Certainly, it had been an emotional time in the Crem but it was all genuine. No hypocrisy or stress on ‘religion’ and yet it was also a spiritual occasion where peace and joy reigned supreme. And the time afterwards, so much part of the couple’s life and loves. Surely it was a day for Faith’s loved ones, especially her strength and stay — her devoted hubby — to remember with joy and thankfulness.

Yes, it had been a lovely day for a lovely funeral — the following day is marked with frozen snow and winter chill. But we can sit back and relax in warm memories that will remain with us for a long time.
Faith was always smiling or laughing. She could always see the funny side of most things in life!

The light of her life will always shine in the hearts and minds of those who loved her.