Thursday, June 28, 2012

What You Can Do With a Tree Stump

What can you do with a tree stump?
We had a 90’ Leylandii tree growing in our front garden. It was a kind of landmark when looking for our house. It was a beautiful tree with elegant branches spreading and curving upwards. It also kept sunlight from large chunks of the garden and neighbouring premises, plus the lower branch spread over the drive and prevented vans from backing up when delivering goods to the house. Eventually, we decided to have it cut down, never mind the expense. But we decided to keep an 8’ stump. We are glad we did.
At the bottom of the stump I planted two kinds of Ivies  — one with broad green leaves that has yellowish splashes of colour, and one with delightful variegated leaves. I also planted a Winter Jasmine, a Clematis and a highly scented, climbing rose with prolific clusters of creamy flowers. In a niche I planted a common fern. All have taken. The stump is heavy with delightful plants throughout the year. And where once was only shade and a few straggly weeds, we have Camellias and other shrubs. A poorly-growing Yew is now growing into a shapely tree, which we have to keep pruned. The photographs tell their own story!