Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Edition of RED BOXES

Well, it has been asked for, even been ordered before being written, but now the first batch of the new book should be here this week, The New Edition of When Phones were Immobile and Lived in Red Boxes has four new chapters and extra illustrations. It follows my marriage at Beeston for three years and then our move to Loughborough. The birth of our three sons, my husband's redundancy and our move to the Furness region of what is now Cumbria.
This new edition costs £7.50 and postage is free within the UK. That is if ordered through Magpies Nest Publishing. It can also be bought at Ulverston's The Tinners Rabbit Bookshop, or ordered at any good bookshop. 978-0-9548885-8-9

It was fun to write and so much more could have been added — maybe for the next edition?