Friday, November 26, 2010

Any Old Iron?

So what’s a photo of an iron doing here?
This isn’t just any iron, it’s MY iron. A Morphy Richard’s electric iron bought at the beginning of 1953. So, is it a museum piece? Certainly not! It has been in constant use since the day it was bought. True, bits have had to be replaced from time to time but I would not swap it for anything new in the market place. I bought a new steam iron a few years ago. But I rarely plug it in. My Morphy Richard’s is part of me — an extension of my arm worked through my brain. The weight is perfect, the smoothness of it’s action without compare. It has served me very many years, it is an old friend — familiar, true — that does not let me down.
Yes, I have other old equipment — why get new when the old does the job?
Ah, maybe that is another aspect of the iron — my husband bought it for me just before we married. We are still together — the three of us, and all in working condition!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Driving around Windermere over to Broughton

We had a pleasant drive in winter sunshine yesterday, stopping for a simple lunch at Booths supermarket cafe in the town of Windermere. We drove along the east side of the lake, taking photographs from the car, mostly as we were moving. The road is narrow, winding and undulating with few places to stop. We took the road back home that goes through Coniston but we found it closed when we got to Torver so came a long way home over a hill above Broughton with great views of the glittering sea.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Reflections

Winter is almost upon us. Snow has fallen on high places around the country. I have to admit to getting very tired as the sun goes down, but then, we are entering the winter of our lives. But winter CAN be enjoyed as much as the other seasons. Time to take stock and enjoy what we have and what we are. To see the beauty, love and joy within and without. To appreciate and be thankful.

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I want to let you know that we will be holding a sale from Black Friday (11/26) to Cyber Monday (11/29) all books will be 50% off all books plus shipping. If you want to put this up for people to see we hope that it will sell some books. I am still working on a box set for the trilogy and hope to have it ready soon (I will let you know when it is available) with a sale price of $29.95.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whinlatter Forest Park — The English Lake District

For a birthday treat (as good an excuse for a run out as any!) we drove up to Whinlatter Forest Park on Monday.
It was a glorious drive there: through woods and by lakes, autumn colours glowing in brilliant sun, water sparkling on water — lakes, streams and waterfalls.
Whinatter as wonderful as ever: majestic trees, fantastic views and birdlife, and, of course, the Siskin cafe — good homemade food and great views from the windows.
A short walk, my problem knee preventing more than about thirty or forty minutes. No one counting!
A delightful piece of metal sculpture is close to the entrance. Great craftsmanship and design. We just had to take a picture of it — yes, it is the grey metal thing, not that old bird next to it!