Friday, November 26, 2010

Any Old Iron?

So what’s a photo of an iron doing here?
This isn’t just any iron, it’s MY iron. A Morphy Richard’s electric iron bought at the beginning of 1953. So, is it a museum piece? Certainly not! It has been in constant use since the day it was bought. True, bits have had to be replaced from time to time but I would not swap it for anything new in the market place. I bought a new steam iron a few years ago. But I rarely plug it in. My Morphy Richard’s is part of me — an extension of my arm worked through my brain. The weight is perfect, the smoothness of it’s action without compare. It has served me very many years, it is an old friend — familiar, true — that does not let me down.
Yes, I have other old equipment — why get new when the old does the job?
Ah, maybe that is another aspect of the iron — my husband bought it for me just before we married. We are still together — the three of us, and all in working condition!

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Payton L. Inkletter said...

What a superb recommendation for a brand!

Of course, we would be naïve to expect the modern Morphy Richards products to be built so well?

'Yes, I have other old equipment - why get new when the old does the job?' So how well has Mr Hobson performed through the decades? Would you recommend his brand?

Gladys Hobson said...

Oh, yes indeed. No part replacement needed up to date. Like the iron he can get heated but he does cool off and save his energy as necessary. Sometimes he needs help to smooth out creases but, all in all, he has been a beneficial acquisition.
I would not know how Morphy Richards are made now. I suspect as soon a bit needs replacing, most folk buy a new iron. Or they get changed as new ones come on the scene. Our make do and mend way of life has hardly changed since forced upon us in our youth.

Sheila Deeth said...

Hmm. My Mum would look at this and ask what I could know about ironing. She arrives for Christmas on Monday and I'll have to dig my (relatively modern) iron out of the cupboard as she always gets my house and washing wonderfully in order when she's here.