Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Reflections

Winter is almost upon us. Snow has fallen on high places around the country. I have to admit to getting very tired as the sun goes down, but then, we are entering the winter of our lives. But winter CAN be enjoyed as much as the other seasons. Time to take stock and enjoy what we have and what we are. To see the beauty, love and joy within and without. To appreciate and be thankful.

For those who are still unpublished authors or simply enjoy reading:
Just in case one or two of you have thought of getting one of my books, or have been wondering about publishing their own book through AGPress and would like to know what a handcrafted book looks and feels like, there is a special offer on that might be of interest to you. I have just had this Email from Grover Pillsbury:

I want to let you know that we will be holding a sale from Black Friday (11/26) to Cyber Monday (11/29) all books will be 50% off all books plus shipping. If you want to put this up for people to see we hope that it will sell some books. I am still working on a box set for the trilogy and hope to have it ready soon (I will let you know when it is available) with a sale price of $29.95.


For more about self-publishing — especially warnings — see my Wrinkly Writer post

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