Monday, March 10, 2008

The sky fell on the head of Chicken Licken

I'm a fairly easy-going sort of person. Sure I get angry about things, but unless it is something that drops out of the blue, I rarely get volcanic eruptions causing immediate physical changes.

I ordered a camera over the internet from a 'market place' that hosts large numbers of sellers as well as selling a huge variety of goods themselves. This was no quick decision. Weeks of studying 'Which', various websites and asking around, finally made us decide which digital camera would suit our needs best. More to the point — which would suit my hubby best.

I duly put in my order. The accessories, sold by the 'host' seller, arrived a couple of days later AND no charge for p&p. We were impressed. The expensive item, full first class carriage charged, arrived two days later. On opening the parcel, we found the manufacturers box containing various bits and pieces (battery charger, leads etc) but NO camera or battery.

Dark clouds gathered in my brain.

I hate complications! I found out what I should do and did it. This sent an email to the supplier. I informed them what was in the package we had received. It appeared to us that we had been sent a second hand (or returned) item, which had not been checked to see if all was there. I wanted what I had paid for or money back. No reply. A few days later I repeated the Email. Yesterday I received a reply. They said that the camera had been checked by both the manufacturer and themselves. They said that my Email was 'extraordinary' and that they found it very hard to believe that I had not received the camera and that they could not help me.

The sky fell on my head!

I was furious. Surely, I was being called a liar and out to defraud them. This is what hurt. I knew the money might be recouped from the host seller — bad enough the hassle involved. But my name had been tarnished and how would that affect any problem in the future — would I always be regarded with suspicion?

How important to us is our integrity.

Once more I got in touch with the host seller and was informed how to go about making a claim. The Email was polite and apologetic. I eventually ticked the boxes and then explained in the space given, what had happened. It was comforting to know that I was presumed innocent until evidence proved otherwise. At least, I thought that to be the case.
This morning, now my blood pressure is likely back to normal, I can see that the sky did not fall on my head but an acorn did. In a world where innocent people are often treated cruelly (to the extent of being locked up, tortured or even killed for 'crimes' they did not commit) my problem is negligible.

Even so, in order to keep my integrity intact, I think I will steer clear of Internet buying. In future we will want to SEE what exactly we are buying before handing over hard-earned cash. (or, in my case — pension!)

'My world' is not the friendly place I once knew it to be. Or is my memory at fault? I don't think so. But where 'good' is found, it is indeed good. And all the more blessed when acorns begin to fall. This world is a confusing place for oldies.

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