Friday, July 4, 2008

Frustration is bad for your health! Try gardening and baking!

Having rejoiced in working out how to do things on my various web sites (I should say SOME things, not many but significant for me — eg posting photographs and links) I have been utterly frustrated by my inability to post the last blog! How ridiculous, I had the title but was reduced to putting the content as a comment! Why? Because it would not accept having my post pasted from a copy of the text of a document I had written. It just kept putting it UNDER the frame and not IN it. Now instead of accepting that it could not be done I just kept trying with the same result. That is poor learning behaviour resulting from a very tired brain. AND leading to further weariness. (Oh give up! Give up the whole thing. Who reads my blogs anyway? Who reads my books? Why bother? Do something useful, woman!) So as soon as the rain stopped I was outside to do some savage pruning! That's better. Then bake some cakes. All turned out good. Next day, bake more cakes — experimenting this time. All brilliant! Then last night I was trying to load photos on my xanga site. I could not fathom what I was doing wrong. So I kept repeating the same action with the same result. (Of course!) Then I looked at the instructions more carefully, trying to recall what I did to post the last ones. My memory slipped back into place and I was successful. Of course, tiredness (I had been up since 4.30am) and loss of brain cells with ageing, does not help, but, as my last post suggests, if you want to keep it, use it and don't give up — be patient and, if necessary, try again when less tired. Now can I get a photo with this post? DONE IT!

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