Friday, August 1, 2008

The Magic Door

The Magic Door of the Internet

Years ago I read a book about a magic door that led to a different time in history. Nothing unique in that storyline. But the idea of a means to enter a different world, howbeit in the present time, is now a reality. It happens to me every day I click on to the Internet.
I meet very interesting people all over the world. Sometimes I read the blogs of others and leave a comment. Sometimes they enter my space and leave a comment. Occasionally e-mails are exchanged. All the time I am learning about people and life beyond my normal travelling distance. Age, gender and distance are irrelevant. This is a world where thoughts, opinions, ideas and stories are exchanged.
This week I have crossed paths with a young man in India who writes stories and poetry. What a wonderful writer — at least I think so. He brings to life the world in which he lives. Although he dwells in an entirely different world of which I have no personal experience, I feel a great deal of empathy with his ideas and thoughts about life. His name is Joyful Thiek.
Visit this young philosopher at
And make sure you read the story ‘One Cold January Night’.
It is quite chilling and most beautifully written. It is also true, and incredibly poignant. You can sense the powerlessness of the situation, his anger and frustration in the telling of the story, and with him want to change the world in which we live.


Anonymous said...

The internet truly is the great equaliser. For those who can get access to it. It is a shame how many people are getting left behind in this information age.

Beautifully written :)

KoolKoala said...


I just copied and pasted the website where you said your book could be found at as you put it in the right hand navigator of your blog: http://www.magpiesnestpublishing but it didn't come up.

I googled it and it came up
so maybe you could change it so that other people can get to it easier.

Never underestimate how impatient people can be if they don't get what they want the second they want it! It would be such a shame if someone didn't look at your beautiful Red Boxes book. I really enjoyed the sample chapters, well written and beautifully illustrated!


Gladys Hobson said...

The will not fit in the line so it rambles on to the next. I have now cut off the http:// as that is obvious. But having said all that, if you look at the 'Interesting places to visit' on the right hand side of the blog, you will find Magpies Nest Publishing. Just clicking on that takes you straight to the web site. Unfortunately, I can't put a link in my profile.
Thank you for your comment about Red Boxes. I published it to raise money for Save The Children Fund. Most of them were sold locally and raised a tidy sum. Out of 750 copies (some went for publicity), I have about six left for 'special purposes' - that is, hoping to get a publisher to take it over to raise more money for charity. But so far, no agent or publisher is interested. That's life!
Even so, I wish my novels sold as many as did RED BOXES!