Saturday, December 27, 2008

Me, Mythica and a Study In Red!

For me, Jack the Ripper has no great appeal as the subject of a novel but I was intrigued enough to buy Brian L Porter's book, A Study in Red. It is well written with graphic scenes and excellent characterisation. The book has sold well and gained awards (as have other of Porter's books) For him to do so well with his writing can't be mere effort at marketing on his part. Clearly, he has the ability to write books that stir the imagination. Now he announced that he has a contract for his book — Study In Red — to be made into a movie. Well done, Brian!

The good news for me is that Graeme Houston (Mythica) wants me as one of his authors for his e-publishing business. (Brian Porter already has an input there.)

Mythica is new and not completely set up yet, but Graeme Houston is not new to publishing and he is also an author himself with several books to his name (including one written with Brian Porter). Houston is also a jolly good bookcover artist and has designed award-winning covers for Porter. My book, "When Angels Lie" is already mentioned on the Mythica web site. You can see the new cover for my book there:

For the Mythica press release see:

It says there:

Mythica Publishing is currently open to submissions in all genres and interested authors should visit the company's website at

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