Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Week Of Heaven

A break away in our caravan only 50 miles away but heaven indeed. Ennerdale, Whinlatter, Crummock Water, Buttermere, Cogra Moss Water…
Pleasant walks beside lakes and rivers, and along footpaths leading through forests with magnificent views of lakes and valleys below. This is the world of the Lake District National Park and some of the places we have not seen before.
Our caravan park had a lovely setting with footpaths to truly lovely places. One, a place that could only be reached on foot unless an angler with a permit for a car. We took this walk in the evening to Cogra Moss when the sun was about to set. One angler quietly fishing, two foxes calling to each other, about eighty ducks on the water with their young - a little quacking and sudden lifting of wings - the only movement and sound. A golden setting illuminating forests and water in a magnificent display of nature in all her glory.

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Leigh Russell said...

This looks beautiful, Gladys. I hope you had a wonderful time. How could you not? We love the Lake District - waterproof trousers in the wardrobe at the ready!
I saw your comment about phones being immobile (ah the good old days) and red phone boxes. We saw a red phone box recently that had a sign to say it had phone, email and internet - maybe not even phone, I can't remember - !)
I hope you'll be reading my new book, which is now out and available on amazon. You can see reviews there too (all 5 star so far!) Please let me know what you think of it, one writer to another.