Thursday, January 14, 2010

Simple Pleasures

We had a fall of snow during the evening/night. Not heavy but everywhere was magical, better than the heavier fall. We sat in the bay window and I could not take my eyes off it. There was a fine mist of very light snow still present. It was all too light to bend the tree branches and twigs. A harmony of white and soft greys, with a hint of green of the evergreens not hidden, and a pale gold-beige of the beech trunks. Only a soft cooing of pigeons to break the silence, and only an occasional bird moving across our vision.
The sight was even more precious than the lovely blue sky above the snow of not so long ago. Spiritual in its beauty and healing for the soul. The snow now melting, of course, and my husband has once again gone out to keep a path clear. If I had boots which I knew would keep me on my feet, I would be walking up the local hill to get a glorious view of fells and mountains, coast and sea. (I have not found any boots to fit my feet; likely they would not be any good on ice anyway.

Yes, I was pleased to see the snow back this morning. But then, I knew it would not stay long enough to make life difficult. It has just about gone from the shrubs and trees now, and sheep are able to scrape it away to get to get at the grass.

Simple pleasures to enrich the soul.

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