Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Drops On Snowdrops!

We had another fall of snow at the weekend. Quite pretty and did not last long enough to cause problems. But, as usual, the patch of road and pavement in front of the house, which does not catch the lovely sunshine we are now experiencing, remains covered in snow. In all the time we have lived here I have only known our road to be gritted once. But not to worry, the roads going into town and the town itself are clear.

This time, we managed to get photos of the snow coming down. It was quite fluffy stuff. The snowdrops are out, mostly in the shelter of shrubs, but we caught snow drops falling on snowdrops! A squirrel got into the act. We snapped it feeding on the peanuts put out for the birds. They have a hard time getting the nuts though because my husband has strengthened the wire of the nut feeder. This is a bit of a competition my hubby seems to enjoy — man V a squirrel’s ingenuity.

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1 comment:

Geoff Dellow said...

Yes the sight of large flakes of snow instigated a walk up to Rosside to see what pictures could be captured.

Lovely weather to be out in.

Your snowdrops are a beautiful contrast to my cigarette packet