Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chatsworth Park, Derbyshire and Curbar Edge

We have been on a holiday to Derbyshire. We enjoy walking the footpaths along dales, by rivers, in woods and in gardens — such as that of Chatsworth (the country house of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire), which is open to the public — house, garden and immense estate.
There are miles of footpaths that take you all over the estate, including by the river and house, the Children's Farm area, up to the Hunting Tower (where, years ago, the ladies watched their men on horseback hunting stags), through the huge woodland areas, over farmland where deer graze with sheep and cattle, through the estate village of Edensor (where you can stop for an excellent light lunch or cream tea) — on the level or up and down hills.
The house itself is well worth a visit but we were there just for exercise. See photos of the views while on a short walk opposite the superb house.
There is accommodation available to rent for holidays too.
There is a well-known Chatworth Farm Shop (cafe there too) and a large Garden Centre.
Chatsworth Garden Centre has a wonderful cafe. Not only is the food excellent but there are tables outside when you can enjoy the magnificent flowers — beautiful scents, rich colours and an utterly delightful soul-enriching experience affecting every one of the human senses. Even wild birds entertain with song and funny antics!
Here is a photo taken from where we were sitting.
What ever people say about so much land and property in the hands of few people (I do believe the Duke has inherited six estates) it is wonderful to have this country park kept in such excellent condition for all to enjoy. I hate to think what it would be like if became 'nationalised'!
We also managed a walk along Curbar Edge — wonderful views across the valley with Chatsworth looking like a tiny dolls house!

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