Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ulverston Carnival in Pictures

It is difficult to choose from over 100 photos, all of which show an aspect of the 2010 Ulverston Carnival held last Saturday July 3rd. As usual, we were late arriving at the top end of Sautergate where the Carnival passes, but we then went down the bottom of the road and elsewhere to catch parts we missed. A lovely sunny day and masses of people taking part, especially children. Lots of music from various bands and many dance groups looking gorgeous in their brilliant costumes. Tiny tots, weary from it all. slept in their push chairs as the afternoon progressed. It is amazing the trouble people go to to make it such a success. We did not catch any of the dancers performing. Indeed, by the time some of them reached where we stood they must have been worn out! How stirring were the bands, and jolly the less formal ones. Our photos tend to pick up the 'natural', For, at the corner where we stood, there was much waiting while those before and after did their 'thing' to an appreciative audience. (More crowds there) But I love the 'natural' look on many faces as they were caught off guard.
The whole thing was a wonderful feast of colour, music and movement, which left all of our senses alive and reeling! WELL DONE every single person taking part AND those behind the scenes.

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