Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Sunday Walk

A Sunday Circular Walk from Canal Foot to Plumpton via the coast path returning across the inland footpath.
This was to be a gentle walk for me, having had a cortisone injection in my knee a few days before and so nothing strenuous advised so as to give healing a chance.
It was a pleasant day in spite of a chilly breeze. Actually when we were inland it was quite sheltered and very warm.
We left the car parked close to the canal, I said hello to a sweet little pony and we started off. The sea was coming in and we were walking the path close to it, so no messing around. The path being soft with standing water, we tended to walk over the rocks — maybe not the best thing with my problem knee but we soon reached slightly higher ground where the path is smooth. We stopped to look across the bay with the sun shining on the railway viaduct. We saw an old boat which looked as if it had been brought in with the tide. Now there is a prop for a short story!
Onwards and we reached Plumpton Hall, a very old building of unusual design. Years ago when we had only been in the area a short time, the hall was for sale. I think it was £9,000. Sounds cheap now but that was a lot of money then. If we had had the money, I would loved to have bought it — such a romantic building and in a wonderful almost isolated spot close to the sea.
Up the lane we spotted a group of horses and I said another hello! Further along and over the stile steps into a field. Following the path we came close to the railway line. We were soon in sight of Ulverston's Hoad Monument, gleaming white in a ray of sun.
Further along and over a stile under the shade of overhanging trees. There is a fence running by the footpath now, likely because the farmer has a bull in the field. I was actually glad to see the fence, as last time we took that walk a whole herd of young bullocks were gathered around the stile. On that occasion we diverted to a field and after much walking found ourselves getting over a fence and back on the footpath by the sea. So we continued by the barbed wire fence turning to the left by an old quarry — Nother good setting for a short story with nefarious deeds! Over another style and we were among some delightful 'architect' build houses overlooking the bay. Down the slope and back to the footpath start. We walked along where once sea-going vessels entered and left Ulverston Canal. We looked back to where we had walked and saw that the sea had covered most of the path. The other direction, the bright sun had turned part of the sea to a sparkling diamond.
A short walk but truly delightful!


Sheila Deeth said...

It looks like you're having nice weather, same as us. What a lovely walk.

Gladys Hobson said...

Yes, we go there fairly often. It is lovely through all the seasons. Of course the canal walk starts there too. Just about the right distance now walking gets more awkward!