Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Load Of Hot Air!

If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen, or in this case don’t read the book!

Hot Air by Geoff Nelder is an action-packed thriller. Its ingredients include adventure, humour, horror, — all in the first few pages — with a good mix of erotic encounters, violence, torture, hair-raising escapades touched with romance, all skillfully mixed to produce a surprising dénouement. With A Geoff Nelder novel you can be sure to get excellent descriptive scenery, and have all your senses enriched. Feel the passion, sense the hate, smell the scents and aromas, taste the sweet and bitter, see all before you — including into the minds of each character — hear every sound as the story enfolds. All these detailed nuances, served up with a dash of iron in the blood.
Every page swift moving and packed with drama! Geoff Nelder at his best! A literary masterpiece, a meal to gorge yourself on.

Photo: Geoff Nelder at one of his many signings.

A Load of Hot Air!
What should have been an adventurous birthday treat, turns into an horrific nightmare when their hot air balloon passes over the scene of a murder. The balloon is spotted, shot at, and the chase begins… murder and mayhem maybe, but lightened with humour and erotic romance. What a feast! Go on, indulge your senses!
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