Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Change is as good as a rest!

Feel better for a bit of a change. Back to the computer. Being a compulsive communicator I guess I am addicted to writing and would find it just too difficult to stop! Apart from which, it is a challenge and as much as I might squeal and moan there is no help for it — I have to complete everything I begin and see each 'baby' born and succoured.
Finding solutions to accomplish tasks that are beyond my power has been difficult. I know I will never achieve complete mastery over necessary computer skills needed for promoting my image and books. I think I may have found a solution. No, not stretched out on a sofa while I dictate — Barbara Carland style — no money for that! Neither could I find me a hunk of a guy ready to exchange favours, interesting though that may be, and good research for future novels. Come to think of it, a hunky guy just might have a fetish for wrinkly writers after feasting on gorgeous females. But, no! After 56 years of marriage I can't see myself as a toy-boy cuddler. So I have found me a solution that I will report on IF it works!
Yesterday we had a drive up to the Coniston-Windermere area. Not bad weather for February. The cloud s came over but the weather is warmer.

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