Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When the joy has gone, time to stop?

It is a long while since I felt so depressed. Odd how so many writers have bouts of depression. Or maybe not — so many factors that cause states of both elation and depression.
I tried getting away from writing last week. I designed and made two nightdresses. One might ask how I managed to see what I was doing! My eyes need a strong contrast to see properly and one can hardly sew with a contrast thread! But I steered by the edge and tried to run straight. It was not easy to do a bit of unpicking but there are ways and means. What a delight to get two successful results within a few days. (Other jobs had to be done too) That bucked me up a bit. I am wondering now if I can manage a bit of art work. Colour might be a problem though but then that was so with certain famous artists.
I started painting in oils 45 years ago. It was after I had had a life-changing spiritual experience. After oils came pen and ink drawings, then pen and ink tinted with pencil crayons, followed by water colours. At least results were pretty quick, the outlay modest, and appreciation abundant. Practical too. Most of the pictures hang on our walls. (Although the 'Nude On A Beach' is large - big enough to go over a mantelpiece - it hangs in an upstairs bedroom. We do not wish to embarrass guests!)

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