Friday, November 20, 2009

Morning Bliss

For me there is something spiritual about November skies as the sun rises and streams of golden light touch the earth. Shades of blue from turquoise to slate blue-grey, and soft billowing clouds touched with golden beige. I was so much in awe that it had to be captured by my camera.
The scene is quite different looking SW. As we sit in our bay window with my hubby reading to me, I am free to soak in the subtle beauty of both sky and garden. A side window opposite where I sit, reflects the sun's rays bursting through the trees behind me like a many faceted diamond. But the sunbeam soon goes behind trees. Even so, there is much to gaze at with an inner eye. All this and being read to as well!
A few years ago, I used to take our dog (no longer with us) for a walk up Hoad Hill. I would take a break at Little Hoad and sit on the seat to take in the sea and sky. What magic when clouds split open to release a beam of light on to the dark sea. Gold, silver, precious jewels? They are free for all with eyes to see.


Sheila Deeth said...

We've had lots of gray skies here recently, but you're right; there's something magical when the sun cuts through and turns the scene to gold.

Geoff Dellow said...

Having lived in America, I realise just how special our skies are.

The complex wind patterns moving over our irregular terrain ensure that we have at least two different types of cloud in the skyat different heights, often more. Added to that we have low lighting that is constantly changing.

This year has been unusual with rapid changes from sun to rain even clear sky to black rain clouds in three hours.

I enjoy it but it's not what I'm used to. Global warming weather is with us and will no doubt be full of surprises in the future!