Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rainbows over Derbyshire

November when it's raining is not a particularly good time to be walking in Derbyshire, but WOW what rainbows we managed to capture. I guess when things are dark and drab, looking for a rainbow is not a bad thing to do.
Last Saturday in Ulverston a trail of little lights (candles in jars covered with sculptured pots) made its way through woods at the Gill, Ulverston. SPOOKY! Lovely for the kids on Halloween. But we were off to Derbyshire, hoping for a bit of walking. We dodged a few showers in Chatsworth woods but that was the only walk we managed during our short birthday break. But visiting Cromford near Matlock, magnificent rainbows appeared stretched over the valley in full half-circles.
There is something about a rainbow that gladdens the heart...
As the old hymn goes —
'I trace a rainbow through the rain
and find the promise is not vane
that life shall endless be...

You don't have to be particularly religious to see beauty in nature, or to appreciate the imagery of light cutting through the darkness. Dark clouds will pass - somewhere the sun is shining. When I feel down, I find rainbows uplifting.

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Sheila Deeth said...

What wonderful rainbows Gladys!