Monday, March 1, 2010

Lakeland in Late Winter

The sun shone today so we decided after doing the domestic chores we would go for a run out in the car.
We first went for an early lunch at the Lakeland Nurseries at Cark. We had a light meal, beautifully set out and highly colourful — salads don’t have to be dull. Since I did a rather large bake on Saturday, we did not have our usual cake for ‘afters’ — we have to watch our waistlines even if no one else gives a damn.
We then drove off towards the lovely Lyth Valley, passing through Grange-Over-Sands. The sands disappeared years ago but maybe one day they will return. Presently there is grass and before that mud. But the Victorians who came here by train, would have had alighted at the station, their eyes feasting on sands, sea and the pretty park, as well as, no doubt, by carriages from the huge hotels on the hillsides. Even today, Grange is a pleasant place and many people retire there. I would recommend a visit to the Netherwood. It is an amazing hotel, which serves good food at reasonable prices. The scenery magnificent and the public rooms are wood panelled with open fires.
On along quiet roads towards Bowness, the sun shone for us, even if dark clouds threatened rain.
We drove on to Ambleside. Then we took the Coniston route towards home, driving on the eastern side of the lake.
‘Look,’ I said, pointing to a fantastic piece of property on the hillside, ‘that’s Robert Watson’s nursing home.’
I should point out that I am speaking here of a character in my latest book, to be shortly published — Checkmate. Watson opens up a posh nursing home overlooking Coniston Water. The house is set in grounds filled with azaleas and other acid-loving shrubs. I knew exactly which house he would choose, and that nothing would get in his way. Robert Watson is a rich and powerful man. (I think we have heard about a lot of those lately!)
Well, we had a good laugh about that. I had already pointed out properties I had chosen for other characters and businesses, on a previous trip out. These people and places are very real to me.
Driving down by the side of the lake, we came to a spot where we could stop long enough to take some photos. Of course, it is still winter and the countryside a little drab, but snow on the peaks gives it a little sparkle in spite of a bit of mist.

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Sheila Deeth said...

Lovely pictures - takes me back. And I loved "the band played on."