Sunday, March 7, 2010

Swanning along by the Ulverston canal

Industry and nature — side by side.
We drove down to Ulverston's Canal Foot to take a little walk on this sunny afternoon. The canal is a little over a mile long but I was not able to walk that far. We had been for a stroll this morning so this little saunter was to drink in the sea air and photograph the swans on the canal. It is a drab time of the year but the sun on water brought sparkle, and the clear sky reflected shades of blue. In shallow areas of the canal a warm glow framed some signets. Just to look at that photo gives me tremendous pleasure. Shimmering reflections have brought life to the photographs too.
The GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical buildings run alongside the lower end of the canal and there are no leaves on the trees to hide them. Even so, it is good to see that nature can live comfortably alongside industry.
The canal is blocked at the sea end. There is talk of the canal becoming a marina. A boat lift would be needed for sea-going vessels. But that is some time away. At present it is pleasant enough as things are. A 'rough' walk along the coast path takes in splendid views across the bay. (An earlier post talks about this). But the canal path is great for young and old alike. Watch out for youngsters on their little bikes! It is one of the few safe places for them to 'let rip'! Wheelchairs, pushchairs, wrinklies with walking sticks. Wheels and walkers - all can be seen on a sunny day. Everyone smiles, people greet one another and dogs wag their tails! And, of course, there is a hotel at Canal Foot which serves meals. Coffee or afternoon tea overlooking the sea — great!

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