Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another lovely day

The sun is shining across the garden casting deep shadows from the oak tree. Light and shade.
I had an Email from a friend this morning — more light. Friends are a priceless treasure.

But the news from across the world is bad. It puts our country's problems into perspective. And yet for those who are suffering, knowing others are worse off does not ease their own pain or problems.

I used to do a lot of pastoral visiting, especially elderly people. Some were an absolute delight to be with. One gentle man was almost blind, he had severe physical problems which made it difficult for him to venture out. He had lost his dear wife, the light of his life, and of whom he spoke constantly with tears in his eyes. And yet, he had a deep concern for the poor and wretched of the world and gave of his small resources to help ease their plight. His faith was in God and in the Christ who came in poverty to deliver man from darkness and death. Jesus the healer of man's soul, friend of the poor and lowly.
In a world obsessed by power, wealth and possessions, it surely is the meek who will inherit the earth — that is, the Kingdom of Heaven within.

We cannot ignore what our selfishness does to others. And it is in giving of ourselves — in word and deed — that we receive.

In the scheme of things, what does it matter that Niche Gifts is refusing to return the money I paid for a camera I did not receive? What does it matter that folk are not queuing up to buy my books? What does it matter that the house is constantly untidy? What does it matter that weeds are in love with our garden? What does it matter that I can't do the things I did when I was younger? What does it matter that my hair is barely visible on top while my wrinkles enjoy full exposure? What does it matter that I have minor health issues? Such petty things! Within I am young and active and my treasure is too intangible to be tarnished. The Kingdom to which I belong is where joy cannot be bought and love can never die.

Yes, it IS another lovely day today.

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Leigh Russell said...

Hi Gladys, something lovely that happened to me today was to read your comments about my blog on Grumpy Old Man's blog. The world of blogging is amazing.
I'm glad you found the cover of my book memorable. (The title, by the way is CUT SHORT.)