Monday, May 5, 2008

When Angels Lie

Well, my novel, "When Angels Lie" (pen name, Richard L Gray) is getting a burst of new life. It has been acknowledged as a darn good story but I have not the means to either promote or market it. However, AG Press is doing a new imprint for the US market. It is costing me nothing, so Royalties will go to charity. (Save me all that business of exchange currency etc) So I hope it will do well. It has a completely new cover done by one of their illustrators. The title is shortened to be snappier too. (I have left off - all hell is let loose and demons fly!)
It has been interesting to read through my book again, having been 'Americanised'. Funny how English words and phrases have different meanings in another country. Some funny things happened but all is straightened out and will be published at the end of the month.

Blazing Embers is next in line. Meanwhile Awakening Love is being prepared as an E-book by another publisher. (To be followed by its sequel.) All in the USA! Maybe Americans appreciate my type of writing? I hope so!

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