Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let there be music!

The internet is a wonderful medium for keeping in touch with people. I have a couple of friends who sing and they both have web sites: 

Bob Taylor has two other sites on myspace — bobtaylorsings and bobsingsgospel

So I can have regular communication just by listening and occasionally commenting. 
Bob has also put music on my My Space 
Not only that but he is adding recordings of some of my short stories. 

To think in my youth, we had to write letters to keep in touch with people who lived at a distance. Telephones, like cars, were only for the well-off. Now the world is a different place. This affects us in many ways that are only too obvious. Of course, with movement of people and families, it would be easy to lose touch and for the housebound life can be lonely. But the Internet is a wonderful thing for the elderly — a means of keeping in touch with people all over the world. We can have new friendships, interests and keep on learning about life! (Instead of tutting, "Things aren't what they used to be when I was young!" 

Yes! Let there be music, let there be song! Let us keep in touch with e-mails and 'chats'. And encourage our ageing friends and relatives to do the same. And if you want to give them a good laugh click them onto

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