Monday, June 9, 2008

A walk in the woods

My brother (who lived in California) loved the Lake District. he considered it as a gem — all that was best in scenery encapsulated in an area that could be motored around in a day. Mountains and lakes, woods and valleys. Picturesque villages, small old churches. Slate quarries and ancient stone or slate walls. Flora and fauna to delight the eye. Fantastic footpaths through woods and over mountains. A place to refresh and revive. A place for poets and authors, a place to simply 'be'! There are tourist towns where people flock all the year round, some to take the steamers on the lakes, others to take a trip on a steam train. But it is the quiet places where you can walk or sit and drink in heaven that is the Lake District's greatest appeal.


Leigh Russell said...

Love the lake district. Have you read a book by Val McDearmid called 'The Grave Tattoo'?

Gladys Hobson said...

No. Is it a mystery, thriller or?
We live in South Cumbria so obviously the Lake District is very familiar to us. There are a lot of writers up here. I will be joining some of them for a book signing week during the first week of July. It will be nice to meet a few of them.