Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pleasure of gardens

Few things are more inspirational than gardens. Oh yes, maybe the wide open spaces with mountains and lakes and, since we are just a few miles south of one of the most beautiful areas in the country, we visit them often. But a garden is something that we have to work at, unlike 'God's gardens' that evolve over millions of years. Gardening becomes hard work as we get older and so keenness is required for the best results. We have a third of an acre — lawns back and front and flowering shrubs bordering almost the whole perimeter. We have an ancient oak, a magnificent beach and a number of other trees giving the garden a delightful and informal area of peace and quiet. Beyond the back garden wall, there are green fields stretching into the distance, where animals graze contentedly. We have recently planted a rose patch, and delightfully scented blooms are now growing very well, their colours radiant in the afternoon sun. Look for weeds and you will find them. Just like people's lives, nothing is perfect!

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