Thursday, March 5, 2009

Awakening Love wakes up to sales!

Awakening Love - now DESIRE softback published by AG Press available
Apart from the more recent excellent reviews of the book I found a couple done a few years ago from the manuscript. The first is a long reader review but I put here just a few snippets:

"This is a story of suppressed urges, a story of deep unbridled passions.
June, a young and attractive adolescent, is bursting with an upsurge of passion as she blossoms into a young adult.
Gladys Hobson has captured the moment in a way I found personally delightful. It is a story that I found hard to put down until I read the last chapter.
... paints a picture so vividly that one feels present in the room with the characters.
... dexterity in her ability to lead the reader to like or intensely dislike the different characters...
This is a jolly good read. (Penelope Blake)

And an appraisal by Norman Price with excellent marks almost across the board plus a note to say that he enjoyed reading it.
Men usually do enjoy my stories, as Bob Taylor — singer and poet — said:
Being a mere male, I don't normally read Romance, but I found myself mesmerised by Gladys's perception of the inclinations of the male psyche. Worst of all, I fancied I could see my own described - in my earlier years, I must hasten to add - within the various situations that June (the heroine) found herself.
And Gladys has a superbly delicate touch when it comes to realistic male sexuality...
`Awakening Love' is well-written, it has a good plot, and I recommend it to anyone - regardless of their gender. Perhaps even... feminists?

Of course, the good news about the book’s position is also good news for The Badge Of Life as royalties are promised that very deserving charity!
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Watch the very interesting video. Suicide, and not just of police officers, affects many people with society. We all need to be aware.

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Sheila Deeth said...

You've got some lovely reviews there. Hope the sales are continuing well. And nice to meet you.