Thursday, March 12, 2009

WHEN ANGELS LIE now available as an E-book

Mythica Publishing has made my When Angels Lie available to a very wide audience. The E-book can be bought at Mobipocket and most major outlets.

Love, hate, lust and betrayal. When Angels Lie is a dramatic and romantic story involving taboo love within the Anglican Church. The Reverend Paul Stringer intends keeping his love affair with his rural dean secret, but did not bargain for his ‘angel’ secretary, Angela, falling in love with him. Nor did he expect his charismatic lady organist to play such a powerful role in his life. The story is set within country parishes coping with the tensions of challenging situations and controversial changes. Dedicated and sensitive leadership is called for. But dramatic events, involving powerful and memorable characters, threaten both the relationship with his partner, and all that has been achieved during his ministry.
Abbreviated Reviews:
The book - When Angels Lie - is cleverly constructed and moves at a very good pace. There was urgency, on my part, to read on and on.
Reviewed by Jean Cowgill...(Weastmorland Gazette)

Hobson is a writer of the first class, able to build a story quickly and maintain excitement throughout the book. Her characters are full and multidimensional—at times, the reader is torn by compassion and empathy for one and then the other. Such is the making of a fine novel and a book well worth reading. It is unfortunate that books such as these, so worthy of recognition, go unheralded by the literary establishment. I, for one, give it “tens” across the board.
Andrew F. O’Hara, editor, The Jimston Journal
author, The Swan, Tales of the Sacramento Valley
“…moves along at a good pace, while keeps the interest moving along nicely, and I found that I really did want to know what happened in the end.
Certainly the book could provoke a storm in the Church and make the general public look at the Anglican Church, its clergy, and its adherents with new eyes.”… Churchwarden

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Sheila Deeth said...

Your book sounds fascinating - sounds like a sympathetic and realistic view of issues that are never as black and white as they're painted, and an interesting story too. Hope I get to read it sometime.

Gladys Hobson said...

Sheila, Judging by the interests on your blog profile, I feel pretty sure that you would enjoy this book. Since, at the time of writing the first edition, I had a Ministry in the Anglican Church, it was an issue I felt needful to come to terms with. Denying a person's ministry by saying "God would not..." seemed to me presumptuous. It was something I faced as the first woman to preach in a number of churches and also conduct funerals. Pioneering the way is not easy but what joy when acceptance comes THROUGH one's ministry. The issue is quite different in my book of course, but I looked up the church's attitude to gays at that time and put myself in the shoes of Paul Stringer — one time an anti-gay Evangelical who, through his own experiences, opened himself up to many possibilities about a number of things. It is the twists and turns, involving women who fall for him intensely, and a churchwarden who both hates him and opposes much needed change, that make the story. A few spiritual experiences are my own but presented differently. Some of the characters incorporate characteristics of actual people, but there is only one man that is presented more or less as I knew him! (Not in the context of the Church though)
Well, if you ever do get to reading the story, I would be most pleased if you let me know what you think of it.
Thank you for your comment.