Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Lake District National Park.

The Lake District is a wonderful place to be close to. So much beauty to experience with all the senses, but especially with one's sight.No matter where you go there is beauty. No matter the time of year there is interest. Colours and shadows, sun and mist, textures and reflections and movement. This photograph was taken on a day of showers. Rainbows abounded but hard to capture as they came and went so quickly! Whenever we feel like a relaxing hour or so, a drive around the Lakes is a true delight.

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Maryann Miller said...

Came over to your blog after reading your comment on my post at Blood Red Pencil.

Love the picture of the lake. How lovely. We all need something that pretty and pastoral to feed our creativity.

After reading your bio, it appears we have a lot in common. I've never been a teacher, but I have studied and trained to be a hospital chaplain and have been active in church ministry.