Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alpaca Love!

For Love of Alpacas

I visited a local farm and took photos of beautiful alpacas. They sure did look cuddly with their exceedingly deep hair fleeces. The fibre is not called wool (so I was told) and I was given a little to feel. Yes indeed the fibres were about six inches in length and incredibly fine, rather like my own hair which seems almost invisible on the crown and top.
We have been keeping an eye on these gorgeous creatures since they arrived in the area and I felt it a privilege to go up close to take my photographs. The boys, real cuties, were separated from the girls and not in the least shy. The girls were a little suspicious but gradually came closer as their curiosity increased. No smells and as clean as if they had just had a shampoo all over.
I know alpaca owners keep them more for pleasure than profit. Each fleece produces enough fibre for about two cardigans so it hardly pays for their food and special attention. But evidently, like dog breeding, the offspring can be sold for fairly high sums. But it is joy they give by being just themselves that is reason enough to keep them.
I find them utterly charming and would have loved to have given one or two a cuddle! Cuddling is a reassuring activity, but I doubt alpacas would appreciate it!

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