Friday, April 9, 2010

Suddenly It's Spring

Well, it is all happening now. Flowers coming out, buds busting, some trees in blossom and, on the down side, grass needing mowing and borders weeding. Our little friends are doing mischief. Mischief? Well, the squirrels are nipping buds off the daffodils. A bunny popping into the garden nibbles what he fancies. And birds peck off the primrose flowers. Unfortunately, black sooty mould completely covers one of our large Debbie camellias. Plenty more though of different varieties. Other shrubs yet to bloom - their beauty to delight us throughout the year until winter arrives. Even then, winter jasmine, snowdrops and bright berries to cheer us up.
It's uplifting to hear the dawn chorus, to see birds building nests, and have them coming to their feeding stations — the tits drop many seeds on the ground, feeding the blackbirds and white pigeons which gather there. And now the return of a pair of woodpeckers, and many other birds, brighten our day.
Bees are buzzing around the flowers, especially the heathers. So good to see them busy in the garden. News reports seem to suggest that bees are dying out, but there is no shortage in our garden.

Yes, spring is here and summer not far behind

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Sheila Deeth said...

Our camellias have dropped all their petals now and the daffodils are giving way to tulips. lovely to see all these spring pictures.