Monday, May 3, 2010

The Daffy Squirrel — what joy!

The Daffy Squirrel!

A while ago I wrote about a squirrel playing with a stick. Now my hubby caught one playing with a daffodil. Rolling on its back, pulling a daffodil to the ground and then letting it go up again. In between racing in tight circles. So that’s how some of the daffy heads got knocked off!
They are delightful creatures to watch. Since my hubby has made it more difficult to get at the nuts they try all manner of means to outwit him — sometimes hanging by one back claw, or wrapping their back feet around the smooth pole (with the inevitable result — down they go!) They chase each other round and round the oak tree, and race from tree to tree high up in the branches. Okay, maybe they can be a nuisance but they give us more pleasure than visiting cats.
Unfortunately, the squirrels are too quick to photograph them playing. Open the door and they are off. But we caught one on the bird table during winter. The nut feeder has been made more difficult to get at since then. My hubby believes they should have to work for their dinner!
Three new photographs today. (Click on photograph to enlarge the squirrel)

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1 comment:

Sheila Deeth said...

How cute. I always struggle to photograph them too. It's as if they see the camera as a threatening eye.