Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Showers that bring forth flowers!

May is a lovely time of the year. Of course, I say that about most of the months! In England every month has its special features. I feel greatly blessed to live in a land with changing seasons and moods.
We still have daffodils and other spring flowers in bloom, but now the shrubs really come into their own. The camellias started flowering a while ago, as did the early azaleas, but now the showy rhododendrons are joining the magical throng, along with others that bring glory to our country garden. The pots too are brimming with nature's jewels, and Wisteria and clamatis budding on the house wall. The rose patch will come alive next month but already there is rich foliage. So too with climbing roses. And yet, the snowdrops and winter jasmine that flower in the dark days, are just as much treasured for their simple beauty. Yes, each season brings forth its own simple pleasures
The lawn is not blessed with much grass but what is there adds greenness - plus extra colour from violets that enjoy the tolerant nature of my gardener husband! I don't allow dandelions to proliferate though. I have spent many hours weeding them out of both lawn and borders. Hard work but good exercise, and I hate using weed killer.
It is good to see the flowers blooming around town too. By the time June arrives the whole place will be awash with colour.
Such riches that all can enjoy, whatever the political situation.
Now is the time to walk in the woods — the scent and blue haze among the trees turn the woods to heaven on earth.

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