Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mountains, Forests, Lakes and Dales — The English Lake District

We have just been on a holiday to the upper part of the English Lake District, taking in the Coastal harbours. Not far away maybe, but a break among the mountains, climbing up hills, walking by lakes and rivers, visiting harbours with their new marinas. Taking in sweet scents of pine and wild flowers, lifted to Paradise by magnificent views. The strenuous exercise actually relieved the discomfort I had been suffering with arthritic knees!
We marvelled at the new life all around us — foals, lambs, pretty little pigs, young birds, red squirrels, and, of course, the freshness of new green growth amongst woodland and meadow.
And when we were resting in our caravan, my husband read to me. Two interesting novels, although we were glad to get to the end of one of them as it seemed to go on forever with unnecessary detail. I guess some writers hate to miss out anything gleaned through research, but why stretch out a story with what often seems like padding?

Getting home we were welcomed by the colourful blooming of our garden shrubs and trees. We can't help but wonder how we came to live in such a lovely part of England!

I also found I had received excellent reviews for my Seduction By Design but they deserve a post of their own!

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Leigh Russell said...

What lovely scenes, Gladys.