Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chatsworth — Country Park, Family Playground!

Chatsworth — Country Park, Family Playground!

We arrived at Chatsworth on Saturday to find the car parks already filling up and whole families teaming excitedly out of their vehicles. I asked one of the stewards if something was ‘on’ that weekend. He said no, it was just the fine weather and that they expected far more to arrive. Wonderful, I thought.

Here is a ‘playground’ safe for children to run and play. In fact there is a Farmyard with animals and children’s adventure play area, which is very popular.

There are some people who are against aristocracy and would like the state to take over their estates. But Chatsworth is an example of a well-run estate that benefits millions of people. My mum-in-law (she died ten years ago) loved to be taken around Chatsworth’s remarkable garden in a borrowed wheelchair. We enjoy visits there every year, mostly to walk in the extensive grounds but also to have a light meal at one of the eating places around the huge estate (especially the farm shop café or the garden centre café. And not forgetting the old stables). Chatsworth is a place for peace and tranquillity as well as being a remarkable house, a huge park and a playground for all complete with deer, river and acres of woods and grassland. (Photographs taken while walking through the Woods.)

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