Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of those days!

One of those days!

At my age, I count each day as important. Today is memorable indeed. Why? A totally frustrating day but finally, after much aggravation, at least I achieved one of my aims.

First, I thought I would relax with a bit of fun. I set up to record a little thank you to someone who has been kind to me. Part of that was to read the intro to my last book. (Make his hair stand on end?)

I had forgotten how to work the recorder so it was trial and error. Finally I got a recording but needed to trim it. How? Mm. I tried another recording and found I had done it on top of the last one. Mm. How to get rid of it. Turned it off and started again. That wasn’t a bad recording. But I could do better… and so on. Finally, that was it. So how come I lost it? Ah well, not to worry. Start again tomorrow.

Right, this afternoon. I went around in circles getting more and more frustrated trying to get into one of my important accounts. Incredibly I kept my cool. One of the things I finally realized was that I had been putting 8 instead of 0 to new numbers (due to the 0 on the Email looking like 8 – my eye problem of course) However, my son looked at the difficulties in accessing my account when he came home. The main problem we encountered was at their end, not mine. For some reason it would not accept the new passwords that I had to keep getting. However he eventually cracked the problem — their fault not mine. Finally, I thought up something acceptable and I was through.

And to think I keep telling hubby to go on line and save time! What a laugh!

At least I have had chance to look at photos of my grandson's wedding today. I am laughing on this one. I was watching my youngest son — tall and heavy — country dancing. He and another chap were swinging girls off their feet in a 'basket' movement. Now that's another laugh!

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