Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Band Played On — for young and old

The Band Played On — for young and old

The band played their delightful music in Ulverston Market Square today. Shoppers stopped a short while to listen but few lingered for long. A little fellow in a pushchair sat enthralled by both music and the bandsmen. His little legs and arms bobbing up and down with the rhythm. A joy to watch and an excuse for me to join him — at least tapping and swaying, and clapping. Oh no, not from where I stood but standing by the infant, encouraging him in his activity. I guess grown-ups are fearful of being thought exhibitionists.

But it wasn’t only the band in the Market Square. A local by the name of Geoff Dellow was there at a table with leaflets, drawing attention to Ulverston’s need for volunteers to keep the Tourist Information Office open. And for Ulverston to have a greater say in the running of the town, in particular as regard to our car parks, and for the need to draw tourists to help the local economy. Hopefully, plenty of locals will turn up at the Town Hall council meeting on October 6th at 7.15 to give support.

Meanwhile shoppers strolled around doing their own thing.

I thought this was great — an infant boy, and an elderly man. Each doing their own thing, and yet linked through the music of the band that provides that extra touch of pleasure for tourist and locals alike. The elder looking to the future for the likes of the little one, and the little one simply imbibing the pleasure of the moment.

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