Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recognising Butterflies

I admit I am not good at recognising most things to do with nature. I tend to soak in the beauty and wonder of it all rather than add to my knowledge of what each insect, butterfly, moth and beetle are called. That is, I tend to recognise things that sting and bite but let the rest fly freely in my mind. But occasionally, I do get interested in names in order to communicate, as with the rest of knowledge, and life in general.
Earlier this year, We had quite a few lovely butterflies fluttering around the flowing shrubs. I did not think they were Red Admirals and yet...
So I looked on the Internet and asked around. Could this be a new variety of a Red Admiral? I was assured it was common.
The Saturday Telegraph has at last put me right. I have attached here a photograph of what is called a Small Tortoiseshell. According to a survey done a short while ago it comes ninth in the 'sightings league'. The Red Admiral is eighth. I have put a copy of a cutting from Saturday 28th August 2010 here, along with their photo of and mine of the Small Tortoiseshell. I guess there IS beauty in a name as well as the object it represents.
Now I am interested in knowing butterfly names. I expect my brain can find room for a few more facts after all!

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