Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ulverston Canal — a walk on the wild side

A Walk on the Wild Side — of Ulverston Canal

It is a wonderful thing to have a canal on the edge of town. With so many walks to choose from in the area, a footpath on level ground is wonderful for those with joint problems. It is equally great for anyone who is a lover of nature. All the senses are engaged and of beauty there is no end.
At one end is the coast of Morecambe Bay, an interesting place to explore. Looking in the opposite direction is Hoad Hill with the newly renovated monument. Looking to one side are fields of grass with grazing livestock. On the other side oddments of industry ranging from a huge complex of Glaxo-Smith-Kline to old buildings dating from when the canal was in full use. The sea end of the canal is blocked. Sometime in the near future the canal is to be turned in a marina. I guess it will change quite a bit. Even so, there is something appealing about a stretch of water bearing wild life. Let's hope that will continue when animal life shares the canal with boats and far more people than at present.
Flowers there are aplenty. Anglers sit silently. And sounds of animals and birds are heard above the hum of industry — indeed, you don't notice the industry as there are too many things that grab attention. Whole families may pass you by, or friendly walkers with even friendlier dogs. Everyone has a smile for those they meet along the path. Why? Because when out relaxing and communing with nature, humans have time to be just that — human.

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