Friday, August 6, 2010

Books, books, books and one just finished!

At last my rewrite of Blazing Embers is finished. Several thousand less words and, so I believe, better for the trimming. There is much to learn in writing novels.
Over the past years, I have been taking note how other authors put words together. The last book we read is an old one — Sweet Thursday by Steinbeck. Totally different to our recent 'mystery' books, and quite enjoyable once we got into it.
I don't know if that book has influenced my new title for Blazing Embers, but it is possible. My novel is now called - To Have And To Hold. I have tried to draw out both the humour (plenty of that) and the pathos (not a lot of that but powerful). Now I want a new cover, something entirely different. I'm not rushing it as it must be right. When it comes to books, unless an author is well known, people do judge a book by its cover (initially at least).
Maybe this new version will be of interest to publishers. Certainly the interest in sex and the older generation has pepped up recently. The visits to my posts on this very subject continue to grow. I can't remember quite but I think approaching a thousand. So I intend to submit the manuscript to agents and publishers who publish humorous romance. Don't suppose there can be many.

Once I get myself straight I intend to do reviews of our reading again. I have a stack of books ready! Quite a lot were taken to Oxfam but I still have these. I will likely post the reviews on Wrinkly Writers.

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Payton L. Inkletter said...

I wish you great success with 'To Have And To Hold', Gladys, and yes, the interest in the subject grows with the increase in the numbers of we wrinklies: all that time on our hands…

Gladys Hobson said...

Now, come on, Inkletter, you have not yet reached that honourable wrinkly stage of life. No doubt being ruler of your Fools Paradise has added the odd grey hair of stress to your noble head, but TIME on your hands? Never?
Thanks for making the comment, I have just realised I quoted the wrong lines of the marriage vows. The title on the manuscript is To Love and To Cherish. Now I am wondering if the slip is no accident. Would To Have and To Hold be a better title? I'll give it some thought.